This 2 Day Old, Maggot-Covered Kitten Would’ve Died If A Puppy Didn’t Came Along

When this kitten was only two days old, he was found stuck under a log and was covered in maggots.

The kitten’s rescuer was able to find him because her dog, Opie, heard the kitten’s cry for help.

After the rescue, the little kitten was hand-fed to recover his health and his owner named him Roscoe. You can check out Roscoe’s story below:

Here is little Roscoe who was only two days old at the time. Opie the dog heard his cry and guided his owner to rescue him.

After a nice bath and health check at the emergency vet, Roscoe was able to recover.

He stayed inside a cozy and warm nesting box.

He loves to cuddle with his mom.

When Roscoe was around 10 days old, he started to open his eyes.

He ate his replacement milk from a syringe.

After feedings, he loved to be held and cuddled.

Then, he would crawl back into his nesting box and fall asleep near his pink bunny toy.

When her reached 2 weeks old, both of his eyes were open.

His eyes were open for almost one week. This was the first time he could see his human mommy clearly!

Around 3 weeks old, Roscoe graduated from the syringe to a bottle. He was growing fast!

He began spending more time out and about, playing with his toys.

At 4 weeks, Roscoe had become a master escape artist, always plotting ways to escape the walls of his playpen.

Roscoe and Opie spent a lot of time cuddling and playing.

Roscoe loves attention and would seek it out even when his mommy was trying to study.

Roscoe has lots of friends.

But his favourite will always be Opie.

His best friends and brothers.

Here’s Roscoe at 16 weeks old, healthy and happy.

What an adorable little guy, and that Marilyn Monroe beauty mark is fantastic.


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